1 + pound, shrink wrapped, flash frozen, LEAF FAT ONLY Naturally raised, no antibiotics, no drugs, cared for humanly by us. Perfect for rendering yourself. Creamy white, the good stuff!

Leaf fat is collected from around the inner organs of the hogs and is sought after for its purity.

So the most widely available lard is generic lard is made from back fat, and it's relatively hard and dense. Leaf lard is different. Made from the visceral fat, namely a sheet of vaguely leaf-shaped fat stored around the loin and kidneys of a pig, leaf lard has a smooth and creamy texture.

Why is it so good for me?

It's a single unprocessed ingredient which is as natural as it gets, and it contains zero trans fats. While it should still be consumed in moderation, lard has less saturated fat than butter and coconut oil.

Hickox Family Pork Leaf lard

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